The cannabis industry continues to receive attention related to the segment’s projected growth potential. We agree with this sentiment and have confidence that the opportunity is global, high growth, and long term…if executed correctly.

The existing cannabis experience continues to miss the mark for a majority of cannabis curious customers. The expected cannabis retail experience is stoner focused, rushed, and lacking relevant customer guidance. Products feature plant focused rather than people focused messaging. Rather than welcoming a huge segment of interested customers, the environment creates apprehension, confusion, and reservations to patronage. 

The industry is essentially asking yoga enthusiasts to workout at bodybuilding gyms. The goal of bodybuilding is to get high on endorphins. The goal of yoga is to be present for your life. The experience needs differ greatly. Based on our calculations, 18M current cannabis customers are looking for something different than the currently available cannabis retail experience. Ajoya is well positioned to update perceptions about cannabis and create product and retail experiences to match.

Ajoya provides a data informed, sophisticated aesthetic with the emerging consumer set front of mind. By employing a digital first approach, Ajoya understands the market landscape faster, adjusts to unforeseen conditions, and scales nimbly. Digitally savvy also aids with providing customer value through complementary tools, leveraging partner resources, and delivering creative, compliant, targeted messaging.

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