Baby Boomers Turning to Cannabis as Medicine

The Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine journal reviewed data regarding cannabis use in the Baby Boomer generation. They found increased use as well as overwhelmingly positive outcomes from general function and quality of life. 

Older adults are brand loyal. When they find something that works, they’re likely to stick with it. 

This generation is enthusiastic about cannabis and invested in wellness as part of their later years. Additionally, 9 out of 10 senior cannabis users recommend it to their friends.

Seniors use cannabis as a medicine which leans toward repeat, regular purchases. They report replacing prescription medications with cannabis, especially for chronic pain and sleep

Further, they’re interested in education and evidence which elevates the industry. Creating better products with solid supporting evidence as well as decreasing stigma to allow for research will benefit the cannabis industry.

The industry can welcome Baby Boomers, by creating refined, accessible retail spaces; providing educated, patient staff; and offering lower dose products with friendly delivery mechanisms and CBD infusions. 

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