Ajoya Advisory Services is a Colorado based organization providing national business advisory services built on decades of experience in cannabis and other CPG.

  • Product planning 
    • Product lifecycle planning
    • Product differentiation
    • Competitive analysis
    • Packaging planning/sourcing
    • Margin strategy
  • Software integration 
  • Organizational alignment
  • Portfolio management
  • Sales and marketing integration
  • Accounting and Financial reporting
    • Financial modeling and projections 
    • Bookkeeping for 280e optimization 
  • Licensing and royalties
    • THC products
    • CBD products
    • Retail store SOPs 
    • Medical store SOPs
    • Brand IP
  • Strategic marketing plan development and implementation
  • Marketing automation
  • Analytics implementation 
  • Process development
  • Technology integration
  • Branding and messaging
  • Persona development and targeting

We combine our industry and operational experience with our analytics and business intelligence platform. We unleash the potential of your team by harnessing the power of your data.

Pre-launch support services: 

  • Location analysis and selection 
  • Inventory planning and acquisition
  • Staffing plan and training 
  • Insurance guidance
  • Facility design and flow
  • Equipment sourcing and installation
  • Marketing planning
  • Security and compliance recommendations 
  • License and application strategy

Ongoing executive management and operational support: 

  • Business planning and expansion
  • Business operations
  • People operations (staffing, job descriptions, development) 
  • SOPs (development, implementation, training) 
  • Operational readiness and training
  • Product procurement strategy
  • Financial and investment planning
  • Market, consumer, and competitive research

Interested in how your business is performing. Learn more about our Business Health Check.

Digital Consumer Engagement

Our techniques and digital platforms will continue to add value as you gather data and begin making informed decisions.

  •   Customer communication – planning and execution for email, text, web, social, and emerging communication channels 
  •   Implementation of digital customer engagement (online chat, video consultation program)
  •   Optimization of existing online ordering tools to increase virtual sales
  •   Reallocating workflows to accommodate new work from home employees

Marketing ‘Response’ Plan 

    •   Procedure updates and communication to reflect safety and regulatory compliance changes
    •   Staff safety and solidarity communications
    •   Integration of local ‘essential’ businesses to cross promote your brand
    •   Situation specific promotions to drive in store traffic

In markets experiencing dynamic change, planned growth is not a simple task.  Our team knows how to assess the landscape, develop the plan and take the steps to build success.  Sometimes bold.  Sometimes incremental.

    • Cannabis product manufacturing, wholesale, retail and ancillary services
    • Market, consumer, and competitive research
    • Business planning
    • Brand strategy and development
    • Retail strategy and development
    • Organizational design and development
    • Product research and development
    • Licensing and franchising

The path to profit and investor returns is not straight forward.  Strong financial planning is as important to success as is an efficient operation or a targeted marketing campaign.  We help clients and investors structure their success.

Dynamic change creates a challenge but also offers opportunity for those who are positioned to take advantage of it.  We are experienced transaction advisors helping clients sort through the opportunities.

Customized Pro-Forma for Dispensaries or Cultivation Facilities

We start with our proprietary template library and direct industry experience. Financial models are customized for dispensaries and cultivation facilities already operational or for pre-opening planning, including single or multi-location.

The Pro Forma allows you to:     

  •   Present a financial justification for new capital investment
  •   Model different financial scenarios and perform “what-if” analysis
  •   Have a clear financial roadmap to evaluate potential opportunities


  •   12 months of projected financials, by month, quarter and year
  •   3 years of projected financials (beyond year one) by quarter and year
  •   Income statement
  •   Labor model for hourly employees that flexes depending on the month
  •   Cash Flow Statement
  •   Key financial ratios
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