Increasingly, people incorporate cannabis into an existing wellness routine. This can be to help with the quality of sleep, replace a nightly glass of wine, replace an over the counter pain killer, or ramp up a workout.  Customers are enthusiastic about the efficacy and versatility of cannabis products to aid them on their journey.  We …

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Tech in the cannabis space

Working with cannabis companies presents risks for providers of mainstream tech products. Even as of 2021, companies like MailChimp avoid working with cannabis companies. This leads to piecemealed tech stacks and suboptimal integrations causing lost data and subsequently lost opportunities.  Sophisticated tech companies aware of the issues cannabis companies experience, have a large opportunity to …

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While the original demographic which flocked to legal cannabis skewed young and male, we continue to see an increase in mature women customers.  They make decisions for their families. In fact, they drive 70-80% of consumer decisions.  Cannabis can be a great solution for female specific issues including managing symptoms of PMS and menopause. Further, …

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Baby Boomers Turning to Cannabis as Medicine

The Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine journal reviewed data regarding cannabis use in the Baby Boomer generation. They found increased use as well as overwhelmingly positive outcomes from general function and quality of life.  Older adults are brand loyal. When they find something that works, they’re likely to stick with it.  This generation is enthusiastic about …

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